"Countless unseen details are often the only difference between mediocre and magnificent."

- Unknown

Framed And Shot Productions exists to serve others by adding value to their businesses and capturing their important life moments with charm and quality.

Framed And Shot is distinct in that we do not wish merely to sell an ad for the purpose of maneuvering the general public. Rather we are here to build a connection with your goals and cherished values that drive you in what you do so that together we may express their importance to society by appealing to the natural human sentiment for what is lovely, entertaining, and excellent.

At its foundation lie three key motivational values: Creativity, Relationship, and Beauty. We desire to collaborate with you on your key values and objectives in what it is that you do and partner with you in communicating this to the world.


  • Weddings and Special Events
  • Videos for Web, Ads, and Presentations
  • Music Videos
  • Training Videos and Short Films or Documentaries